Orangeries Leighton Buzzard

Orangeries Leighton Buzzard

Key Features

  • Generous Floor Area for Increased Living Space.

  • Thermally Efficient for Year-Round Comfort.

  • A Luxurious Home Improvement.

  • Classic Brick Aesthetic.

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Exciting Living Spaces

Our world class orangeries can help you to fall in love with your Leighton Buzzard home all over again. We supply top quality installations which use the best available materials to give your installations a standard of durability and thermal performance that can’t be beaten by the competition. Your bespoke orangery will give you and your family a whole new space to make memories and enjoy life at home. Get in touch with our team of specialists today to get started.

Orangeries use a brickwork base to add stronger structural support to an extension build than a standard conservatory might offer. As a result, they’re the ideal choice for homeowners looking to invest in a cost effective solution for their home which will last for years in great condition. In addition, the base often improves thermal efficiency, helping to keep the space warm in the winter without causing an overheating problem on sunnier days.

Orangery Costs Leighton Buzzard


Orangery Installers

Here at Omega Homestyle, we’re passionate about providing an open, transparent service which you can count on. Our number one priority is your happiness, and we’ll take the time to make sure our blueprints will give you the orangery of your dreams. With our hardworking team on board, you’ll be able to take your Leighton Buzzard home to the next level and become the envy of your street!

We also provide a broad range of additional features to help redefine your property’s aesthetic and make the most of your new orangery with patio, French and bifold door models. These will connect the interior of your home with the exterior, helping you to bring the outside in and enjoy the summer from the comfort of your orangery! You can get a free quote started today by entering your dimensions into our online quoting form.


Energy Efficiency

As bills continue to rise and global warming becomes a growing concern, now’s the best time to make your Leighton Buzzard home as energy efficient as possible. Our orangeries make use of premium grade materials and advanced installation techniques to help retain warmth during the colder months. Coupled with well-fitted double glazing, this drastically improves the thermal performance of your new orangery build, helping to ease the burden on your central heating and reduce your energy usage.

Our orangeries are designed to be enjoyed all year round. With enhanced weatherseals to protect your new windows and doors, you can relax in this space no matter the elements outside. Not only will this keep you comfortable, but it will also protect your home’s features from wear and damage. Keep the wind and the rain from making their way into your Leighton Buzzard property where they don’t belong.

Orangery Leighton Buzzard


Stylish & Secure

Keeping your Leighton Buzzard home secure is always a vital objective for us when designing your new orangery. All of our window and door models are rigorously tested to ensure they can withstand a range of potential intrusion methods including physical force and advanced burglary techniques. An orangery represents the ideal mix of style and security, as the authentic brickwork will offer a timeless flair whilst providing a strong structural design.


Orangery Prices Leighton Buzzard

Revolutionise your Leighton Buzzard home and give your property a fantastic new space with our orangeries. Enter your specifications into our online quoting engine for a free, competitive quote. If you have any questions for our team, you can send us a direct message through our online contact form or give us a call on 01844 201888. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Tailor Made

Our orangeries are made bespoke to your specifications, which ensures they will always be the ideal fit to suit your home and the space that you have.

Modern Performance

Although traditional in their appearance, our orangeries have been designed to offer modern standards of performance across the board.


Our orangeries can be fitted with a range of options, including flooring, heating and glazing. This means that you’ll be able to tailor your orangery to suit you.

Brick Design

The orangeries that we offer have been designed to replicate the traditional orangery design, offering eye-catching and charming brick piers.

Versatile Use

Due to their large floor space, orangeries can be used for a wide range of uses. This includes offices, gyms, dining rooms, living rooms and more.

Low Maintenance

As they are made from modern materials, our orangeries require very little input from you to ensure they perform at their very best.


Orangeries comprise a brick-based design, achieving less glass for a more structural feel. Conservatories are normally built using uPVC and have a higher glass to frame ratio.

Planning permission requirements are dependent on a number of factors. A member of our friendly team will be on hand to help make things as smooth as possible across the board.

The base of our orangeries, much like our conservatories, can be tailored to suit a wide range of styles. This means that you’ll be able to get the right fit for your property.

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