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  • Modern Quality for Lasting Standards.

  • Low Maintenance and Durable.

  • Available with a Variety of Control Systems

integral blinds in patio doors aylesbury

A Look at Our Integral Blinds

Integral blinds are the ideal way for you to control the amount of natural light entering your room, as well as the privacy that you can enjoy. This means that whether you want a room that is bright and spacious, or one that serves to shut the world out for some peace and quiet, we’ll be able to offer you a integral blind system that perfectly suits your requirements.

With this in mind, all of our integral blinds are designed to meet modern expectations. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy a prolonged lifespan and easy functionality, including a selection of modern innovations that help to make things even easier for you. With Omega Homestyle, you’ll be able to invest in integral blinds that enhance your home in a modern way.

Venetian Blinds

Standing as a timeless classic, Venetian blinds comprise a horizontal slat design that is easily amended to increase light allowance and overall ventilation. This classic has been brought up to date by encapsulating them between the double glazing unit. With such a versatile look inherent in their design, these integral blinds are easily tailored to suit modern and traditional homes alike. They are sure to be a beautiful addition to your property.

Pleated Blinds

Perfectly suited for pitched glazing found in skylights and conservatory roofs as well as conventional doors and windows, our integral pleated blinds offer a beautiful alternative to the standard Venetian design. They serve as the ideal solution for providing shade where needed, featuring an easy to use design for increased practicality. They are also available in a wide range of colours to help you get the perfect look.

Vanity Fabric

Designed specifically for providing maximum privacy and eliminating sunlight, these black out integral pleated blinds offer an incredible solar absorption of up to 89%. Ideal for nurseries, young children’s bedrooms or indeed any bedroom for light sleepers or people prone to migraines that are affected by sunlight. Available in a wide range of colours to suit any tastes.

Morley Glass Integral Blinds Aylesbury

Control Systems

To bring our selection of blinds into the modern age, they can be fitted with a wide range of control systems. This includes magnetic control, cordless sliders, contemporary sliders, solar powered opening, motorised brushless, and remote control use. A member of our team will be on hand to help you bring the right design to suit your needs and your home.

Integral Blinds

Integral blinds are an intelligent approach, installing the blinds inside the glazing cavity of the window or door. Not only does this work to preserve the lifespan of the blinds, as well as eliminate any maintenance needs, it also allows you to bring a clean and crisp finish to your home. With this option, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Italian Design

Offering you the harmony of traditional values and modern advancements, our selection of blinds utilises the charming, European appeal of Italian design. This means that you’ll be able to enhance your home with a stunning new feature, perfectly tailored to your tastes and bringing a whole new feel to any room that they are installed into.

Integral Blinds Prices

Get in touch with us via our online contact form to speak to a member of our team about our blinds prices. We’ll be able to off you a tailored and highly competitive quote, based on your specifications to make things as cost-effective as possible.

Alternatively, you can also get in touch with us via this method should you have any questions regarding our integral blinds, prices or any of our other products. We look forward to hearing from you, helping you to bring something special to your home.

Why Choose Integral Blinds For Your Home

Solar Reflection

Our integral blinds are designed to effectively reflect UV rays, prolonging lifespan and preventing any fading or discolouring over the years.

Light Reflection

To ensure your room always feels bright and spacious, without an overpowering glare, our integral blinds are able to reflect light to the optimum degree.

Professionally Installed

Our installation teams are well versed when it comes to the installation of our integral blinds, so you can rest assured that you’re bringing the best to your home.

Colour Options

Bring a personal touch to your home with a choice of beautiful and eye-catching colours, allowing you to accommodate your tastes and property style.

Design Range

We offer a selection of blind styles, which enable you to bring the perfect fit to your room. With us, you’ll be able to enjoy the best in function and form.

Low Maintenance

Reducing hassle while maximising performance, our integral blinds are inherently low maintenance. This means that they will remain looking at their best.

Integral Blind Control System Options

Control System integral blinds Aylesbury

Control Systems

Our range of control systems include magnetic control, cordless sliders, contemporary sliders, solar powered opening, motorised brushless, and remote control use.

C System integral blinds Aylesbury

C System

The C system uses manual operation for raising and tilting Venetian blinds incorporated within glass units. Tilting is controlled using magnets while raising and lowering is controlled using a continuous cord loop.

SV System integral blinds Aylesbury

SV System

The SV system uses a cordless magnetic slider to manually operate the raising and tilting of the Venetian blinds within the glazing units. The system comes with a warm edge spacer bar.

S System integral blinds Aylesbury

S System

The S system is a manual system that uses a magnetic slider to raise and lower the enclosed pleated blinds. Adjustable at any inclination its ideal for attic, dormer and skylight applications.

W Swipe System integral blinds Aylesbury

W Swipe System

The W Swipe system is the latest in innovative and ecological Italian design. The battery operated W swipe is a solar powered, motorised blind system for Venetian or pleated blinds.

MB System integral blinds Aylesbury

MB System

The MB system is a fully automated, motorised brushless powered system. The electric motor raises, lowers and tilts one or more integral blinds safely, smoothly and quietly.

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