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Oxford Double Glazing Windows and Doors

A Wide Range of Window Options

We offer a variety of double glazed windows in a range of materials, such as aluminium and uPVC, to perfectly suit your Oxford home.

Find Your Perfect Door

Our range of doors are unparalleled in their security and style, including our uPVC, aluminium and composite doors.

Bi-Folding Doors

Bring more light into your home as well as ease of access to your garden with our modern and easy to use bi-folding doors.

Conservatories With Style

We have a range of conservatory designs for you to choose from, including Edwardian, Victorian, Gable-End and Lean-To styles.

Outstanding Orangeries

We are available to install luxury, state-of-the-art brick orangeries that bring a 17th century appeal to your 21st century home for year round use.

Conservatory Roofing Options

Get impeccable insulation and a stylish focal point of your extension with our range of conservatory and extension roofs.

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What Are Our Services?

We here at Omega Homestyle provide an installation service for a range of double glazing products in the Oxford area, ranging from uPVC windows, doors, conservatories and more, all flawlessly personalized to your personal taste and property.

Double Glazing Accredited In Oxford

Our double glazed, uPVC windows and doors are guaranteed to make you feel warmer, sager and more secure in your home, with a stylish appearance. So, you can you sure that our experienced, accredited products will provide you with the style and security that you need.

Experienced Double-Glazing Installers

Our Omega Homestyle team have over a combined five decades worth of experience in the double glazing market, including design and installation services. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer care and taking on both large, complex and small installation jobs within the Oxford area.

Oxford Double Glazed Windows

Our range of double glazing products come in a variety of styles, all freely available for you to choose from to ensure that whatever your installation is, it will perfectly compliment your property. Our team is on hand to give you whatever assistance you may need, so that you can make the best informed decision possible.

Double Glazed Doors

Our outstanding selection of doors are sure to compliment any windows in our range, providing light, insulation and security to your home. Any guests you have will be blown away by the style and warmth of your home, made from only the best materials to ensure of high levels of security against any unwanted, would-be intruders.

Our Range of Double Glazing

Every person’s property is unique to them, so we make sure that all of our range, including bi-folds, patio doors and bay windows are all available with unique personalization features and details to ensure that it suits your personal taste.

Trusted Suppliers and Manufacturers

We here at Omega Homestyle prioritise quality and customer choice above all else, so we make sure that the manufacturers and suppliers that we work with are reputable, highly trained and can provide only the highest quality service available in the Oxford area.

For more information on our range of products and installations, please give us a call on 01844 201888 or send us a message. If you want to get started finding quotes, use our free design tool to get a free guideline quotation in a matter of minutes.
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Market-Leading Double-Glazing Options

We don’t just offer uPVC products here at Omega Homestyle, we also have a range of other products for your Oxford property:

Composite Doors from Solidor

Solidor is the UK’s no.1 composite door manufacturer, with striking designs and outstanding thermal efficiency and security. Fitted with their Ultion locking system as standard, and with a mixture of materials wrapped around a solid timber core, they are protected against harsh weather conditions and attempts at forced entry from even the most dedicated would-be intruders.

Residence 7 and Residence 9

We also have windows from the Residence Collection available to you, with wood-grain style uPVC that gives you all of the features and aesthetic of traditional wooden frames without any of the additional upkeep or loss in security and heat.

R9 Flush Sash Windows


Flush sash windows from the Residence Collection provides a large number of benefits to your home, including high levels of security, insulation and outstanding appearance.

With frames with up to nine different chambers, improving the insulation and retaining warmth within your home, and optional steel reinforcements that keep your windows secure from tampering, forced entry and harsh weather. Also, the additional fitted easy-to-clean rebates prevents the build up of dirt that may affect its appearance and obstruct your view, with little to no maintenance needed.

The double glazing used for the Residence Collection of windows is also highly thermally secure, saving you money on heating bills and reducing your carbon footprint no matter what type of window you have installed.

Whilst being made from modern uPVC, the design of the Residence windows are made to mimic and flawlessly replicate traditional timber frames. Timber frames themselves offer a great outward appearance, but often require extensive upkeep and aren’t as secure as other more modern options, so the R9 window design gives you the best of both worlds. Hand finished, these windows may be made from more modern materials, but they still provide that ornate, heritage look for your home in Oxford.

These timber-like designs also comply with planning regulations for homes within conservation and protected areas.

Residence 7 and 9 Doors:

If you are planning on having a Residence Collection design installed on your property, then why not complete the look with matching doors? From the same collection, with the same timber-style design that gives a traditional and ornate appearance to an otherwise modern, secure and thermally efficient door.

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Guardian Roofs

Our collection of Guardian Roofs are designed specially for efficient insulation, containing the heat within your extension and ensuring that they can be used all year round, lowering your heating bills and minimising your carbon footprint whilst providing you with a warm and cosy home.

Warm Roofs

Warm roofs ensure faultless insulation and can also come with additional options for the fitting of spotlights and speakers to personalise your conservatory.

Tiled Roofs

Our Tiled Guardian Roofs blend and match with the pre-existing roof of your property, if you are going for a more traditional look for your home. With a range of colours available to choose from, you can make sure your roof matches your exterior, or offsets it with a striking colour change.

Solid Roofs

Whilst solid roofs provide superior insulation, they can also be fitted with additional glazed sections to maximise light into your property.

Double Glazing Quote, Oxford and the Surrounding Areas

With our large and varied range of designs and double-glazing products available to you, including windows, doors and conservatories, Omega Homestyle is your best bet for finding outstanding and affordable home improvement installations.

For more information on our ranges, styles and personalization options, please contact the Omega Homestyle team today.

If you are looking for more immediate quotes, however, why not start on your design right away? Use our online double glazing design tool to piece together your very own, bespoke double glazing installation from scratch.

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